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Healthy Eating

Our school has achieved Healthy School Status and has gained the Tooth Friendly Partnership Platinum Award. This means that we are committed to promoting health by setting good examples in our school. We encourage healthy, nutritional, sugar-free food and well balanced meals and snacks. We are also working towards being a ‘water only school’ and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

In consultation with Springhead Infants and our school governors, we do not allow the children to bring sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cereal bars or crisps into school. The children are allowed to bring a healthy snack of fruit and vegetables which also supports and promotes ‘5 a day’ and ‘Change4Life’ sugar swaps. Alternatively, they can purchase a fruit or vegetable bag from our tuck shop. Each bag is 40p.

For children choosing to bring a packed lunch, please ensure you provide a healthy lunch which supports a well-balanced diet. We are also asking that children only bring water to school which can be drunk at dinner and throughout the day.

For birthday celebrations we ask that you do not send in sweets or confectionery. If you would like to mark your child's birthday we would prefer you do this by participating in our Birthday Bookworm scheme. Children who donate a book to their class library will have their name displayed on our Birthday Bookworm Roll of Honour.