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Welcome to Year 5

Dear Parent/Guardian

Over the academic year your child will enjoy a rich variety of interesting and exciting topics.

Our autumn term begins with the topic To Infinity and Beyond. Initially we will focus on the planets with an exciting hands-on trip to Jodrell Bank Observatory. We will look at the space race and the history of man landing on the moon. We will read George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking in book club. We will look at the moon phases and lots of science.

What’s So Great About The USA is our spring topic where we will focus on some geographical skills. We will look at Martin Luther King’s fight for equality and use his I Have A Dream speech to inspire our writing. We will also look at and native American settlements and their culture. During the spring term we will be going to the Robinwood Activity Centre for a weekend of adventure and fun. This trip is exclusive to our year group and is a great experience that we are sure the children will never forget!

In the summer term, our topic will be Ancient Egypt. We will be finding out about the Ancient Egyptians, their beliefs and the role that Pharaohs played in society. The children will research the construction of the pyramids and find out why the Valley of the Kings was built. We will have a history day to travel back in time to experience life as an Ancient Egyptian.

Here’s to a busy, fun-filled and challenging year!

Your Year 5 teachers.