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History Quality Mark

We were very pleased, and nervous, to welcome our assessors. They were friendly, but keen to question us on certain points and gain further evidence of history in our school. They observed a number of lessons and had the opportunity to speak to children. It was clear that they wanted us to succeed and to do that they needed to ask for further documentation and clarification of aspects of our proposal. It did feel like an ‘inspection' but that was partly due to the pressure we had exerted on ourselves and our desire to do well. The assessors were very open and supportive.

This has been an opportunity for our junior school (a rare thing these days) to show how we excel in teaching history and how we want to spread this in our area and support other schools. It was ten months of hard work and focus but the reward of the Gold certificate and the smiles on the children's faces made every minute worthwhile. We have shown that foundation subjects can underpin learning across the curriculum. Thank you HA for the opportunity.

Please click on the link to see a selection of materials from our Quality Mark portfolio plus our final report as a case study. Please double click on any of the documents displayed in order to view the full piece


Link: Historical Association Quality Mark Case Study: Knowsley Junior School