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History Topics

Each year we hold a whole school themed Victorian week.

The purpose is to allow each year group to uncover and interpret how people lived in our local area in the nineteenth century.

Throughout the year, all children will study a cross curricular topic with a central history focus. Scroll down to see the learning taking place.

Year 3

Year 3 embark on a journey through time in the autumn term as they travel back to Stone Age Britain. They will research how cavemen spent their time and try to solve the mystery of Stonehenge. Children also engage in a stone age dig and handle stone age artefacts to further develop their understanding of how we discover the past.

In the spring term the children will discover what it was like to live in Ancient Greece. They use evidence to decide whether they would prefer to be an Athenian or a Spartan, research the many gods and goddesses and learn about how the Ancient Greeks have contributed to our lives today.

Year 4

Year 4 concentrate on those who invaded and settled in Britain and the effect this had on the people. The Celtic revolt led by Boudicca against the Romans illustrates the strong feelings of the time. 

The children also reflect on the many and varied aspects of life the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings have left as their legacy.

The children also engage with a Viking themed day where they get to dress as a Viking and further embed their understanding of Viking life, culture and weaponry. 

Year 5

In year 5 the children will uncover the wonder of Ancient Egypt and discover just how the pyramids were built.

They will read myths and discover which of the many Gods should be prayed to in order to lead a successful life. Then there is the lovely process of mummification to research .....

Year 6

The Battle of Britain provides Year 6 with many sources to analyse, stories to listen to and important issues to discuss.

The effect on soldiers abroad and those left at home, as well the rise of Hitler and his Nazi Party, are all investigated.

The subsequent impact of the war is then examined through the study of Britain since 1945, looking at changes in lifestyle and popular culture.