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Ancient Greek Workshop - Year 3

In the spring term, year 3 takes part in a full day Ancient Greek workshop.

They listen to an introductory talk on Greek life and culture before having the opportunity to take part in a Greek quiz, a maths puzzle named the Stomachion, devised by Archimedes and Petteia, a Greek strategy game similar to chess.

They also have chance to act out Theseus and the Minotaur in the style of Greek theatre and witness a demonstration of weapons and armour. The day finishes with our very own mini Olympic tournament.

Many of the children chose to dress up in traditional clothes, which gave our day an authenticity. Mrs Cook even devised a Greek menu for lunch!

We had a wonderful day, and are very grateful to Stuart Davies, from Portals to the Past,  who worked tirelessly to teach us.

Follow the link for more photographs and for more infromation about Portals to the Past.

Link: Portals to the Past


Viking Workshop - Year 4

In the spring term, all of Year 4 takes part in a full Viking day delivered by Portals to the Past.

Children begin listening to an introductory talk on who the Vikings were, where they came from and where they travelled to.

Afterwards, children engaged with a Viking quiz which expanded the children's understanding of various subjects such as, Viking battles, culture and clothing.  They also played the Fox and Geese game to see if they could outsmart their opponent to build their tactical skills and then explore Viking artefacts and question their uses.

Towards the end of the session, children looked at and discussed various Viking armour and weaponry in order to gain an understanding of how adept and successful the Vikings were in battle. To end the day, children competed in Viking Spear Wrestling to see who would be the Viking champion!

Many of the children chose to dress up in traditional clothes, which gave our day an authenticity.

Follow the link for more information about Portals to the Past.


Link: Portals to the Past


Year 6 Trip to the Stockport Air Raid Shelter

In October 2016, Year 6 went on a fantastic trip to Stockport Air Raid shelters. From the time that we arrived, the children were treated as evacuees from the Channel Islands. All of the staff at the shelters were dressed in outfits from the 1940s and were in appropriate wartime roles. In the morning, we did three different workshops: make do and mend, salvage and air raids. All of these workshops gave the children a hand-on experience and they were able to handle and use many different artefacts. The air raid workshop was particularly popular, as the children had the chance to wear gas masks and to let off a real air raid siren. The afternoon was spent underground in the air raid shelters. We were given an informative and entertaining tour of the different rooms, such as the hospital, the toilet area and the sleeping quarters. We also learnt some rousing World War II songs and even learnt how to do the Lambeth Walk. The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and learnt a great deal about our topic.