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School Admissions

The Oldham Council website has been updated and now provides parents/ guardians with copies of all application forms (allocation and in-year transfer forms/ appeal forms etc) for parents whose children are resident in Oldham, to download.

List of contacts/ roles for the schools admissions team below.

Primary in-year transfers – Jane Steeple – 0161 770 3160

Transfer forms sent to schools – Umme Nadira – 0161 770 1046

Start dates for transfers – Marilyn Eastwood – 0161 770 3352

Fair access transfers – Chris Aspin – 0161 770 3353

Primary/ Secondary allocation (children starting reception or year 7 the following September) – Helena Pearson / Beckie Wylie – 0161 770 4213 / 4214

CME/ Pupil tracking – Karen Jackson / Danna Saunders – 0161 770 1047 / 4201

School calendars/ admission and withdrawal forms – Umme Nadira – 0161 770 1046

Choice Advice Service

As of 1st April 2012 you will be able to access the Choice Advice service by contacting the Family Information Service on 0800 731 1518 or email

The Choice Advice service aims to make the process of applying for a school place as stress-free as possible for parents and is available to anyone who feels they need help in applying for school places.

The Choice Advice service provides parents and carers with information and support to help make realistic and informed choices about the most suitable school for the children in their care. The Choice Advice service will listen to questions and concerns and provide support and guidance by telephone or in person to help parents to choose a school place.

If the query/concern cannot be dealt with at this point, parents will be referred on to the Parent Partnership Service for 1-1 advocacy.

For more information, please see the Choice Advice and Parent Partnership web pages. Please find the links below:

Oldham Council Family Information Service

5 Barn Street
0161 770 3145

Also check out - your one stop point to find FREE up-to-date information on family services, childcare, childcare funding, for local activities and events for 0-20 year olds visit