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School Meals

Your child has the choice of having a school dinner or bringing a packed lunch. The content of our school meals is in line with current healthy eating guidelines, which is a requirement for all schools. We also offer Halal meals.

School dinners cost £2.10 each (£10.50 per week). Dinner money can be paid via our online payment system at or in school on Monday mornings.

Changes from school dinners to packed lunches (and vice versa) can only be made at the beginning of each half term as food for school meals is ordered in advance.

For children choosing to bring a packed lunch, please ensure that you provide healthy food and drinks. Fizzy drinks and items containing nuts are not allowed.

School Dinner Menu

Please click on the below document to see the 3 week menu we have in school.

Gold food for life - Catering Mark

Our delicious school dinners are prepared by Mrs Cooke and her talented catering team.