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Knowsley Breakfast Club

Food is served from 8:30am – 9:00am

At Knowsley Junior School we offer a breakfast club which starts at 8:30am. While eating, the children can enjoy the company of their friends and staff in the dining room. We stop serving food at 9:00am. Doors open at 8:30am, no earlier. Children arriving later than 8:45am must enter the playground via the Cooper Street gate.


Hot Breakfast:

Toast (with butter/jam) 20p
Crusty cob (with butter/jam) 20p
Crumpet (with butter/jam) 20p
Cheese on toast 40p
Sausage on toast 50p
Bacon on toast 40p
Egg on toast 30p

Cold Breakfast:

Weetabix/Rice Krispies 20p
Yoghurt pot 20p
Fruit 20p


Fresh apple juice 20p
Fresh orange juice 20p
Milk 20p
Hot chocolate 20p

*Special Offer*

Toast/Crusty cob or crumpet (with jam/butter) and any drink - 30p