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Class Assembly

Throughout the school year, each class will have the opportunity to share their work in their own assembly.

All family members are welcome to join us. You are then invited to enjoy refreshments and to watch the children working in their classroom.

Class assemblies take place on Thursday mornings at 9:05am. You will receive a text to inform you when their assembly is taking place.

Following assemblies, family members are invited to stay for a tea or coffee, and then to join their children in class to watch them learn.

Assembly Dates - 2017-2018

Autumn Assemblies

Date Class
4/10/18 6M
11/10/18 5P
18/10/18 4S
25/10/18 3H
15/11/18 6JJ
22/11/18 5B
29/11/18 4A


Spring Assemblies

Date Class
24/1/19 3L
31/1/19 6AG
7/2/19 5MO
14/2/19 4P
14/3/19 3B
21/3/19 5P
28/3/19 4S
4/4/19 3H


Summer Assemblies

Date Class
9/5/19 5B
16/5/19 4A
23/5/19 3L
20/6/19 5MO
27/6/19 4P
4/7/19 3B